Danish design at its best
Danish design is known for its ability to combine optimum functionality and visual delight. With the Focus
unit, Qdent will continue this tradition for the daily benefit of the users. We believe that a beautiful, timeless
design is an important factor. After all, a dental unit is a considerable investment and you should enjoy looking at
it for many years.

Made in the Netherlands
The Focus unit is nowadays manufactured and further developed in the Netherlands. The Netherlands, being a
small country, have always depended on inventiveness and their high standard of technology, for their economic
survival. With the production of the Focus unit this will not be any different.

Quality and flexibility
We are never satisfied until our customers are. Our philosophy with regard to design, development and manufacturing of
user-friendly dental equipment is really that simple. In order to ensure that we always meet the needs and
expectations of our users, we use nothing but the best materials. We develop the Focus concept on a continuous
basis in close collaboration with our customers and distributors and we ensure a flexible response at all times
to customers’ special requirements through comprehensive proprietary production.

Development and reliability
All new components are subjected to stress tests far in excess of normal dentistry equipment standards. They are then
tested under everyday conditions by our clinical test teams. Behind the scenes, elegant component design, strong
materials and straightforward electronic control mean long-lasting operational reliability, while the leading role is
played by the Focus concept of a functional and reliable workplace that meets all the advanced standards of today
with regard to quality, working comfort and functionality.

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