Focus 4 ortho unit
Simplicity, reliability and flexibility in a compact design makes the Focus 4 the perfect unit for orthodontics and prophylaxis. The concept is simple and straightforward, of a high ergonomic standard and solid quality. The Focus 4 ortho unit is suitable for both left and right-handed use; an advantage that should not be underestimated.

The original forms of the Focus come from Scandinavia. The Danish design of this dental unit is characterised by a minimalist concept, with no shortcomings. The Focus 4 is complete in its unobtrusiveness. Its modular structure means the Focus 4 can be adapted to suit the methods of the practitioner. It’s also easy and quick to keep clean, which is essential in the daily practice. The Focus 4 is easy on the eye and has an unprecedented “feel factor”. The material used and the attractive finish gives the whole thing a particular solidity. Its robust design continues this and at the same time it is attractive to look at; after all, appearances matter.

Instrument panel
Focus 4 is suitable for both left and right-handed use; an advantage that should not be underestimated. The instrument panel of the Focus 4 has been developed in partnership with the German firm Dürr Dental. The instrument holders in the armature of the Focus 4 can be adjusted for each instrument. The panel contains as standard a syringe and a spray, suction and brushless LED saliva ejector, and can be expanded with a connection for a turbine or air motor, scaler, composite lamp and micromotor. The handy syringe can be supplied with or without heating. The suction is selective, i.e. only the selected hose is providing suction.

The unit prevents body parts becoming trapped due to the many safety switches in the chair. In this way the safety of both patient and practitioner are safeguarded.
The arm is provided with a safety system in order to prevent conflicts with the backrest.
Spray water will measure up to all regulations. Water treatment due to integrated Sterisil water treatment system. Bottle systems are also available.

Options & Colors
The Focus 4 is available in a wide variety of colors. The color selector below allows you to virtually equip your own Focus 4 unit with the available upholstery colors.

Options & features

The Focus 4 offers numerous optional and standard details in both design and functionality. A small selection is published here. Please contact your local dealer for exact specifications of the unit and a list of options and possibilities.

Focus_Plafond_Feature_1The Footswitch’s high functionality allows optimum control of the instruments. The pedal has an on/off switch for the spray and a chip blow button. The pedal is progressive in character, meaning the strength increases the further the pedal is pushed down.
Air-powered or electric motor
Focus_Plafond_Feature_2The brushless LED micromotor of the Focus 4 is available in air-powered or electric version. The electric brushless LED micromotor is more powerful, has a higher r.p.m. and can be controlled more precisely. The air motor is of course an exceptionally reliable tool with a particularly long lifespan. In the case of the air motor, there is also the option of fitting a turbine or air scaler.
Treatment tray
Focus_Plafond_Feature_3The treatment tray must always be close to the practitioner, but may never be a disruptive element. The height of the tablet for two standard trays can be adjusted. Qdent has chosen an ergonomic solution for the Focus 4 by using what is called a pantograph arm. This allows the tray to be positioned in almost every way possible.
Super Soft upholstery
Focus_Plafond_Feature_4The movement of the back rest of the Focus 4 is constructed in such a way that the patient’s clothing is not pulled around while the chair is adjusted. The chair is extremely comfortable and can be fitted with arm rests if desired for extra patient comfort, the optional super soft upholstery can be fitted.

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